Ilias Sarakasidis - Sculptor


Copies of archaeological museum exhibits (statues, reliefs, heads, busts) in natural marble, with absolute accuracy. We can also construct every three dimensional artwork of your design and choice, in natural marble.

Piece of Greece


Until today, there was one way to construct a museum copy: casting in plaster, bronze, bonded marble, etc. Carving a sculpture in NATURAL MARBLE, thus creating an exact copy, was considered impossible.

After years of research and investing in time and money, we have acquired the KNOW-HOW of recreating museum exhibits in NATURAL MARBLE with the absolute precision of ±0.1mm.

The recreation of a museum exhibit

  1. is a hand-made work, being done with unlimited patience, paying attention to the slightest detail
  2. ignoring the factor time, just like the ancient sculptor
  3. in the same material (Pentelicon marble) that its primary creator used
  4. thanks to an innovation that makes this attempt possible for the first time worldwide
  5. and the perfection of the recreation unique
  6. so that the only difference from the original will be the era of its creation
  7. a piece of History is born again.

In our Sculpture Gallery, you will find a small sample of the works that we can recreate in natural marble, carving it step by step. We are also able to offer our works in white natural marble or if you prefer, with patina. In case you desire an Ancient Greek work of art that is not included in our web pages, or a Roman copy, or any Renaissance sculpture of exquisite beauty and technique, you can inform us via e-mail, and information concerning delivery time, way of shipment and prices will be at your disposal in no time.

The variety of the works that we can recreate is large. We have the technical ability to construct any suggestion and design you might have in natural marble.

Our love for marble, combined with a great experience in its artistic processing can and will be useful in interior and exterior designers, decorators, architects, individual home owners, galleries, museum shops and to anyone that deals with and appreciates Fine Art. Also our low-end products can be disposed as gifts, from private companies, public services or individuals.